Historic Projects – UK

Glantre’s projects are diverse and cover a wide range of venue types

Norden Farm Centre for the Arts, Maidenhead

Sub-contract to Ballast Wiltshire for stage lighting, sound, communications and video systems.  Design team includes Architecture for the Arts, Theatre Projects Consultants and Acoustic Dimensions.  Sub-contract value £330,000.

Celtic Manor, Newport

Audio visual systems for Hotel ballroom and conference centre under sub-contract to Z&W Management (UK) Ltd to designs of AV consultant TheatreTech.  Ballroom mechanical systems include 24 chandelier hoists together with chain hoists, trussing and customised controls.  Principal manufacturers of lighting, audio, video and control equipment include Allen & Heath, AMX, Andolite, Clay Paky, Community, Crown, Electro-Voice, James Thomas, Maxon, Mustang, Peavey, Sennheiser, Sony, Strand Lighting and Techpro.  Contract value £715,000.

Royal National Theatre, London

Integrated touch screen control system and custom software programming added to the Cottelsoe Theatre during recent refurbishment.  The system provides the control of 120 channels of working lights and houselights via DMX and dimmers.  Show presets may be easily programmed and replayed by the operators using touch screen panels.  Conventional control panels provide users with control of a local zone.  Use of full colour video panels allows video show relay to be displayed on the touch panels.  All control wiring is accomplished using the building’s CAT 5 infrastructure.

Barbican Theatre, London

Two orchestra pit lifts and one infill lift using Spiralift mechanisms and riser lifts with screwjacks to the design of Theatre Consultants, Techplan. Main contractors Sir Robert McAlpine. Contract value £330,000.

Waterfront Hall, Belfast

Sound, communications, lighting control and dimming systems for major new cultural and congress complex with 2200 seat main hall and 500 seat secondary hall to the specifications of Theatre Consultants, Carr and Angier.  Sound systems include Allen and Heath mixing consoles, central loudspeaker clusters, secondary loudspeakers, amplifiers, signal processing, microphones, replay devices, wiring and sound box infrastructure. Conference microphone, simultaneous interpretation and lecterns are provided, along with stage manager’s desks, paging, audio and video show relay, ring intercom, building-wide PA and MATV systems. Production lighting controls are ETC Expression 2X and Impression 2 with Strand and Lightolier for architectural. Dimming installations for concert, stage and houselighting include more than 620 SmartRack digital dimmers. Infrastructure includes DMX network, socket boxes and lighting bars. Glantre’s sub-contract, valued at £650,000 was placed by the electrical contractor, Rotary Services of Belfast.

Greenalls Inns PLC

Revolving video-cubes for 64 screens, with precision controlled drives for themed pubs in Basildon, Blackpool, Cardiff, Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool, Milton Keynes, Nottingham, Preston, Reading, Stevenage, Southampton and Swansea.  Total value of work is in excess of £550,000.

Castle Theatre, Wellingborough

Production lighting, sound/communications and projection systems for 500 seat regional theatre. Stage lighting is based mainly on Strand Lighting products including Galaxy Nova control, LD90 digital dimmers, PALS automated PC luminaires and conventional luminaires. Sound includes a Soundcraft Spirit mixer and Community loudspeaker cluster with stage management and theatre communications systems. Film projection is 35mm with Dolby sound processing.  Work carried out under sub-contract to electrical contractors Briggs and Forrester.  Total value of works £240,000. Theatre Consultants, ACT Consultant Services.

University of Westminster

Supply and installation of studio lighting track, grid, dimmers, lighting control, cyclorama tracks and curtains for two 190sq m television studios at the Harrow Campus of the University of Westminster under sub-contract to Tarmac Construction. Lighting control Arri Focus with a total of 216 SmartRack digital dimmers.  Contract value £135,000.

De Montfort Hall, Leicester

Lighting, sound and communication systems for refurbishment of 2400 seat multi-purpose civic hall, the largest of its kind in the Midlands. Work carried out for Leicester City Council under sub- contract to Costain and to the specifications of Theatre Consultants, Techplan. Stage lighting consists of 384 channel Strand Galaxy Nova console, PALS motion control, 228 LD90 digital dimmers and 150 luminaires; also HMI followspots, worklight controls and power distribution. Sound and comms includes an extensive loudspeaker network with remotely controlled delay and equalisation, ring intercom, paging, show relay and stage management systems.  Contract value £350,000.

Edinburgh Festival Theatre

Total package of stage rigging, lighting, sound and communications for development of the former Empire Theatre into the City of Edinburgh’s principal performance venue.  Management contractors – Bovis Construction; Theatre Consultants – Theatre Projects Consultants. Stage equipment includes three orchestra lifts, 84 single purchase counterweight sets, a motorised lighting bridge, loudspeaker hoist, safety curtain, rear and side stage acoustic doors, sundry electric winches and associated equipment.  Stage and house lighting consists of 508 Strand EC90MD-Plus digital dimmers with a Galaxy Nova control console, customised working light control, socket boxes and luminaires from Strand and ADB.  The house sound reinforcement and effects system is based on a Soundcraft Delta DLX mixer and amplifier/ loudspeaker combinations involving Crest, Meyer, Electrovoice JBL, Apogee and Bose products. Communications infrastructure includes ring intercom, hard of hearing system, paging, show relay and video distribution. Contract value £2.5 million.

Tottenham Hotspur Football and Athletic Club

Public address systems for all stands incorporating Bose and Toa full range loudspeakers, amplifier and signal processing racks, CD players and paging stations. Battery operated UPS facilities are provident to comply with the stringent safety regulations for major sporting venues.  Consultants – AMS Acoustics.  Contract value £140,000. This is a representative example of Glantre’s several sports ground installations.

Warwick Castle

Design, supply, installation and programming of 56 channel audio replay system for `Warwick Kingmaker’ walk-through exhibit for the Tussauds Group. Equipment includes 28-CD ROM replay machines operating under show control software from Richmond Sound Design.

Mercury Asset Management, London

Voice evacuation system for multi-storey head office buildings in the City of London to the specifications of audio consultant, Ken Dibble Acoustics.  Value £120,000.

Lawrence Batley Theatre, Huddersfield

Lighting, sound and communications systems for main and studio theatres in Arts Centre converted from a chapel. Works under contract to John Laing Construction for Kirklees Metropolitan Council to specifications of Theatre Projects Consultants.  Production lighting is based largely on ADB products including Tenor control desks, Eurodim digital dimmers and Europa luminaires.  Sound and communications includes Soundcraft Delta mixer, Electrovoice loudspeakers, stage manager’s desks, ring intercom, paging and video systems. Contract value £205,000.

Savoy Theatre, London

Stage lighting systems for the reconstruction of the Savoy, which, as far back as 1881, claimed to be the world’s first theatre “to be lighted throughout by electricity”.  Works carried out under contract to Bovis Construction Ltd to the specifications of Theatre Project Consultants.  Control system is Strand Galaxy Nova with 254 digital dimmers type EC90MD – an interesting contrast to the six dimming groups provided by Siemens Bros in 1881 for their stage lighting installation with Swan incandescent lamps. Working light control system, socket boxes and luminaires were also included in Glantre’s contract which was valued at £175,000.

The Corn Exchange, Newbury

Total package contract for regional Arts Centre for Newbury District Council covering stage rigging and electrical installation for the whole building. Stage lighting includes Strand LBX control, RVE dimmers and luminaires.  Full sound and communications systems and 35mm film projection are provided together with 25 winch and hemp rigging sets and general stage equipment. Electrical installations involve power distribution, lighting, fire alarms, telecommunications, computer supplies, earthing and lightning protection.  Consultants, Max Fordham Associates and Theatre Projects Consultants.  Contract value £540,000.

Royal Festival Hall, London

Lighting control consisting of Galaxy 3 production and Premier houselight systems inclusive of customised console furniture, software and special interface engineering.

Glyndebourne Festival Opera

Scissor-type vehicle lift of 40 ton capacity for transfer of scenery and equipment to and from the stage.  Management Contractors – Bovis Construction Ltd; Consultants – Theatre Projects Consultants.  Also subsequent upgrade works to stage lighting bridges and safety curtain.  Total value £150,000.

Royal Albert Hall, London

Lighting systems consisting of Arri Mirage control, dimmers and luminaires for the Hall’s permanent rig.  Also preparation of technical report for major upgrading of the Hall’s lighting, sound, rigging and stage equipment as part of the projected development Masterplan.

Swan Theatre, High Wycombe

Lighting, sound and communications systems for regional theatre under contract to John Laing Construction Ltd and to the designs of Carr and Angier, Theatre Consultants. Stage lighting includes 240 channel control system, dimmers, patch panel, socket boxes and 150 luminaires.  The sound system is based on an Allen and Heath mixer with JBL loudspeakers, while communications includes stage manager’s desk, paging, show relay, cuelight and ring intercom systems.  Contract value £260,000.

Cabot Hall, Canary Wharf, London

Integrated package for stage lighting, sound and rigging for 600 seat multi-purpose hall, in major London docklands development under contract to Bovis Construction Ltd and to the specifications of Theatre Projects Consultants.  Stage lighting includes control, dimmers, patch panels and 400 luminaires, while the sound system is based on a Soundcraft mixer and JBL loudspeakers; other equipment comprises stage management and paging systems, modular staging, chain hoists, tracks, drapes, acoustic shell and motorised banners. An elaborate foyer casement curtain system involves multiple linear drive motors. Contract value £780,000.

Claridges Hotel, London

Refurbishment and upgrading of lighting and power installations together with communications and public address systems. Contract value £250,000.

International Convention Centre, Birmingham

Customised houselight and working light control systems, production lighting socket boxes, cabling and power distribution equipment under contract to the City of Birmingham. Systems are provided for 11 separate Halls including the widely acclaimed Symphony Hall for the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra.  Acousticians and Theatre Consultants, Artec Inc, USA.  Contract value £540,000.

Barcud Television, Caernarfon

Complete lighting and mechanical systems for 620 sq m studio in North Wales for independent production company Barcud Cyf. From the outset, Glantre provided extensive advisory services to Barcud including outline architectural layouts for the complete building along with structural, electrical and heat loadings and preliminary budgets; these were later developed into a full design by Gwynedd County Architects Department with Consultants W.S. Atkins and Partners. Glantre’s contract covered 60 RDS self-climbing hoists, Galaxy 3 control console, 240 dimmers, 170 Quartzcolor studio luminaires, cyclorama, drapes and electrical power installation. Contract value £420,000.

Sky Television, London

Installation of studio lighting, control, dimmers, suspension systems, cycloramas and electrical distribution for three studios at the Sky Television Centre, Isleworth.

Rivermead Leisure Centre, Reading

Stage lighting, sound, rigging and communications systems for multi-purpose main hall located adjacent to Glantre’s UK head office.  Contract value £100,000.

Yorkshire Television, Leeds

Design for upgrading of lighting and power installations for studios 2,3 and 4. Also, installation of three Galaxy 3 consoles, together with 660 PIP dimmers and power wiring.

Playhouse Theatre, London

Complete electrical power and services throughout this important West End Theatre which was subject to an extensive refurbishment programme.  Also specialist theatre equipment covering sound, communications, lighting control, dimmers and working light system. Contract value £415,000.

Smaller projects in the United Kingdom include:

Royal Spa Centre, Leamington

Rigging and dimming

Autoliv Research Centre, Havant

Travelling truss structure with three axes of motion

Froebel Institute, Roehampton – Lighting

Wigmore Hall, London – Piano lifts

Lee Valley Leisure Centre, PA and BGM

The Comedy Store, London – Lighting and Sound

Pontyberem Memorial Hall – Lighting, Sound and Rigging

Queen Anne’s School, Caversham – Lighting and Sound

NHK, Millbank Studio – Lighting and Tracks

St Johns College, Oxford – Lighting, Sound, Stage Equipment and AV

Arndale Centre, Manchester – Show Control

Royal National Theatre, London – Show Control

Highmoor Hall, Oxfordshire – Lighting, Sound and Stage Equipment

High Wycombe Town Hall – Lighting and Sound

Parc and Dare Theatre, Treorchy

Design of Lighting, Sound and Comms

Church of Scientology, E. Grinstead Lighting, Sound and Rigging

St Paul’s Church, Hammersmith – Lighting, Sound and Electrical

Building Research Est., Watford – Artificial Sky, Dimming

Pickett’s Lock Centre, Enfield – Sound

Marlborough College – Lighting, Sound and Rigging

Cranleigh School – Lighting, Sound and Rigging

Wilde Theatre, Bracknell – Communications

Hexagon Theatre, Reading – PA/communications

Olympia, London – Paging and PA systems

Colston’s School, Bristol – Lighting and Sound

Museum of London – BGM systems

St Mary’s School, Calne – Lighting and Sound

Mermaid House, London – Lighting and Sound

Country Garden Centres – Background music and PA for 8 sites

Guildhall Arts Centre, Gloucester – Lighting, Sound and Rigging

CAP Ltd New Malden – Sound and Conference systems

Bellair Playhouse, Guildford – Lighting