Historic Projects – Europe

Glantre’s work extends internationally.

See below an extensive list of historic European projects.


Rialto Theatre, Limassol

Stage rigging, lighting, sound and communication systems for a new 580 seat drama theatre, converted from a former cinema. Rigging includes 30 single purchase counterweight sets, motorised tracks, adjustable proscenium and demountable forestage. Lighting includes a Strand LBX72 control, LD90 dimmers and luminaires. Audio is based on Soundcraft, Community and Carver products. Consultants AMS; M&E contractor Telmen. Contract value £300,000.

Larnaca Municipal Theatre

Design, supply and commissioning of stage rigging, lighting, stage management and communications systems for 400 seat drama theatre with flytower. Single purchase counterweight rigging system has 20 set capacity while 72 channel stage lighting system is based on Strand lighting products. Consultants Unemec with Telmen as stage equipment contractors.


Medienzentrum, Hanover

Turnkey contract in association with Strand Lighting GmbH, Germany, for two TV studios of 680 and 200 square metres respectively. Fully remote controlled installations include Galaxy and M24 memory systems, RDS lighting and scenery hoists and Quartzcolor motorised pan, tilt and focus precision automated (PALS) luminaires under computer control. Additional works comprised grid and gallery steelwork, cyclorama, drapes and tracks, retractable seating tiers and complete electrical installation in accordance with VDE and DIN regulations.


Thessalonika Concert Hall

Stage rigging and stage machinery sub-contract to general contractor JV-GEK/Themeliodomi SA. for important new 1450 seat concert hall. The contract includes an elaborate concert shell system of moving walls and ceiling that changes the concert hall into a full proscenium theatre for opera and drama productions Under stage machinery consists of two orchestra lifts, twelve orchestra and choir riser elevators and a transport lift. Rigging includes a two level portal lighting bridge and motorised side towers, 40 motorised bar hoists, 10 transportable point hoists, safety curtain, house curtain and projection screen. Customised control systems for all machinery and rigging are by AVW Controls Ltd. Glantre’s responsibilities also cover stage grid, galleries, access spiral stair-cases, cat-ladders and stage flooring. Contract value £3.37 million.

Royal Theatre Thessalonika

Sub-contract to general contractor GEK for the stage rigging and machinery for the reconstruction of this historic theatre, in connection with Thessalonika, as European City of Culture 1997. Understage machinery consists of orchestra lift, two stage lifts and two stage wagons.  Rigging is based on 43 double-purchase counterweight sets.  Additionally, there is a traditional Greek triple-bocca false proscenium, portal structure with motorised lighting bridge and towers.  Glantre’s scope also includes electrical control systems, acoustic doors and stage flooring. Contract value £1.1 million.

Athens Concert Hall

Electro-acoustic and stage lighting systems for Concert Hall and Chamber Hall in partnership with Joint Venture GEK-Psiktiki Ellados. Both Halls are provided with high specification sound reinforcement systems with Soundcraft 8000 series mixers and recording facilities together with ring intercom, show relay, CCTV, stage management and deaf aid systems. For operatic performances in the main hall, a libretto translation screen uses a Talaria large screen video projector. Conference systems include Auditel 9 language simultaneous interpretation for the Main Hall, video projection and six portable systems for use in meeting rooms. Stage lighting employs 240 channel Galaxy 3 and 60 channel Gemini controls with plug-in dimmers, working light systems and 316 luminaires, including some PALS motorised remote control units in the Chamber Hall. Other centralised low voltage equipment includes box office computer system, paging and radio paging. Subsequent contracts covered provision of post-opening technical assistance as well as portable sound and lighting systems for studio or promenade type performances in the foyer area.


Vidiwall Rigging System

Supply of rigging hoists and associated equipment to Philips for two portable Vidiwall rigging structures each of approximate picture area 50 square metres for use with major rock concert tours and sporting events throughout Europe and worldwide. Included provision of site crews as well as rental of additional equipment for temporary installations at several venues.


National Theatre Oslo

Design, supply and installation of three orchestra pit lifts using Spiralift mechanisms and with electronic inverter variable speed control system providing full synchronisation. Contract carried out in association with A/S Elpag Prosjekt. Contract value £220,000

Grieghallen, Bergen

Planning and advisory services for extension to Grieghallen consisting of Recital Hall and Conference Centre.

Bryggeteatret, Aker Brygge, Oslo

Complete theatre systems package for multi-purpose theatre in partnership with A/S Elpag, Oslo. Stage engineering systems include two screwjack lifts, 17 motorised and 15 hand-winch rigging sets, roller projection screen, tracks and drapes. Stage lighting consisted of an 180 channel Gemini memory control system, dimmers, luminaires with accessories and working light system. Sound system included a 40 channel Soundcraft Series 8000 high specification mixer while full stage management and communications systems were also provided. The total seating capacity of 600 included fixed, retractable and mobile retractable seating tiers to permit proscenium, thrust and theatre in-the-round configurations to be achieved. Contract value £700,000.

Skarer Centre, Oslo

Supply of stage rigging system with 16 pile winding type winch sets and curtain tracks.

Olavshallen, Trondheim

Joint Venture contract with A/S Elpag to the design of Techplan Theatre Consultants for stage machinery and rigging systems for major Concert Hall adaptable to a proscenium theatre. Scope included both electrically operated and counterweight suspension sets, variable proscenium, auditorium lighting bridges, stage and auditorium adjustable ceiling structures, acoustic enclosure, acoustic curtains, smoke curtain, orchestra lift, control panels, rostra.  Contract value £1.1 million


EuroParque, Oporto

Sub-contract to Philips Portuguesa for design and implementation of stage rigging, machinery, lighting, communications and electrical distribution for 1200 seat auditorium in an important convention development located close to Oporto. Systems include three Spiralift type orchestra lifts, demountable floor with modular hydraulic lifts, 30 single purchase counterweight rigging sets, safety curtain, projection screen, curtains, tracks and acoustic shell. Also 6 electrically operated rigging sets, 4 traveller tracks and 20 forestage motorised point hoists operated through a computerised control. Stage lighting featured a 300 channel Arri Imagine 3 control with Smartrack digital dimmers, working light controls and luminaires from Strand and James Thomas. Also stage management and communications systems. Contract value £1.15 million.

Coliseu, Lisbon

Stage engineering, lighting, stage management, communications and electrical distribution systems in association with Philips Portuguesa for refurbishment of this historic arena venue which also incorporates a full stage and fly tower. The upgrade programme was carried out in connection with Lisbon’s nomination as European City of Culture 1994. Stage equipment included two lifts driven by Spiralift devices, 42 double purchase counterweight suspension sets, 6 motorised sets, tracks and drapes. Stage lighting is based on a 300 channel Arri Imagine 3 control with Smartrack digital dimmers and luminaires from Robert Juliat and James Thomas. Theatre Consultants – SAGC, Switzerland. Contract value £800,000

Centro Cultural de Belem, Lisbon

Stage rigging, lighting and related electrical distribution 2000 seat Opera House and Theatre. In partnership with consortium Philips Portuguesa-JEM. Theatre Consultants – the late Henri Oechslin with Carr and Angier. Stage rigging included 75 variable speed motorised bar and point hoists set with capability for a further 24 to be added in the future. The rigging is controlled by a computerised system. Two orchestra lifts, lighting bridge, safety curtain, towers, acoustic shell and other items of stage equipment are provided. Stage lighting involves a 450 channel installation with a Galaxy 3 control, EC90 digital dimmers and a large quantity of luminaires from Strand, Pani, Teatro and James Thomas. A 400 seat flexible theatre studio is equipped with stage rigging, Hille retractable seating and an 120 channel stage lighting system with a Gemini control and dimmers. Installation was valued at £4.5 million.


Teatro Real, Madrid

Design, supply and commissioning of elaborate DMX network for Spain’s National Opera House. System includes distribution of four DMX data lines around the entire stage and auditorium to a total of 244 outlets, together with fibre optic data feeds to overstage lighting bars. Six equipment racks located around the theatre contain LSC Multisplit and Andera DMX Port and Multiway components with DMX and fibre optic patch panels.

Teatro Villamarta

Lighting and audio equipment supplied through Chemtrol Espanola for the refurbishment of the Teatro Villamarta. Equipment includes Arri Finesse control console, SmartRack dimmers, Teatro luminaires, Community loudspeakers and Soundcraft Spirit Live 16 mixing console. Contract value £100,000

Bilbao Opera House

Design and planning services for production lighting, sound, stage management, communication, conference and AV systems for an important new-construction Arts and Conference complex in Northern Spain. The principal auditorium is of 1800 seat capacity with a flytower, side and rear stages for fully mechanised opera productions. The complex includes a 600 seat secondary hall for chamber concerts and conference use along with two smaller conference rooms.

Teatro Del Liceo Frances, Madrid

Stage lighting, sound, communication, film projection and simultaneous interpretation systems together with electrical installation. Contract value £120,000

Kursaal, San Sebastian

Design services for lighting, sound and communications systems for an important 1500 seat Concert Hall.

Teatro Romano de Sagunto

Design and planning services for stage lighting, sound communications and electrical distribution for Roman amphitheatre, Near Valencia.

Smaller projects in Spain include,

TVE, Seville – Lighting
Alcobendas, Madrid – Lighting and sound
Cine Usurbe – Lighting and sound
Teatro Molina Segura, Marcia – Lighting and sound design
TVE, Barcelona – Lighting
Teatro Monumental, Madrid – Lighting, sound and communications