Doha – Qatar National Conference Centre

All machines are installed in the expansive atrium at the QNCC, covering some 7,000 square meters. Self climbing trusses support effects and emergency lighting, whilst line shaft hoists support 5m x 5m diffused LED light panels. Glantre also provided cable management for the machines, consisting of compact folding cable chains for the trusses and combined power and data cable reels for the LED panels.

Machines are controlled via a pair of Siemens “Simatic” Mobile Panels which can be plugged into any combination of 6 control point locations around the Atrium. Control is distributed via an extensive Profinet network, covering the length and breadth of the 240m x 20m Atrium and 60m x 30m Arts Hall, to a Siemens PLC and SEW drive components.

Lineshaft machines are able to be sent to programmed positions, either in groups or individually, with presets able to be recalled from memory.

Consultant: Auerbach Pollock Friedlander/ Theatre Projects Consultants

Contractor: Baytur

Some pictures courtesy of  A. Sergeev