Kuwait – Al-Bayan Palace

Glantre have recently upgraded the stage and auditorium machinery and rigging systems for  Kuwait’s principal conference and performance venue.

The upgrade included refurbishing the mechanical systems and replacing the existing control systems, with a fully computerised rigging control system. This allows the operator to perform complex moves with both understage and overstage machinery; something that was not possible before. In total 64 overstage axis; variable speed flying sets and 5 understage axis; revolve & 4 main stage lifts were placed under computerised control.

In addition to providing the fully computerised control system, additional control systems were provided for non show systems, this included a further 20 overstage axis; side masking and point hoists and 18 stage axis; 12 auditorium lifts, 4 main stage lifts (maintenance & redundancy), large and small compensating elevators and the revolve wagon.

Glantre provided the original stage machinery in 1993. The auditorium utilises twelve screwjack lifts to permit appropriate seating configurations and sightlines to be achieved for a wide range of functions including a flat floor set-up for exhibition or banqueting. Seating is mounted on moveable wagons with air-castor drive to permit rapid reconfiguration. Four large lifts with rack and pinion drive, a revolve wagon and compensating elevators are provided on-stage for production purposes, while a scissor-type dock leveller facilitates offloading from trucks or containers directly onto the stage. Overstage includes 61 variable speed motorised sets with counterweight assistance along with 12 point hoists and fixed speed motorised sets for specific applications. The contract included a safety curtain, projection screens, acoustic doors, tracks, draperies, rostra, scenic equipment, concert shell, lighting bridge and ladders along with an extensive range of stage equipment and fittings.

Principal consultants are PACE-SSH-KEO consortium with John Wyckham Associates and Next Stage as Theatre Consultants