London – Royal Academy of Music

Royal Academy of Music – Main Auditorium Refurbishment – 2017

Glantre was appointed by main contractor Geoffrey Osborne Ltd to to design and supply the mechanical systems and SIL3 certified control system as part of the refurbishment of the main auditorium at the Royal Academy of Music in London.

Glantre worked with Wagner Biro and Gala Systems to deliver this project. Wagner Biro were subcontracted to provide the over-stage hoists and the SIL3 control system and Gala provided their Spiralift system for the orchestra lift.

The scope of work comprised:

  • Orchestra elevator lift – 29m2 area, 3m travel, 19 tonne capacity with Gala Spiralift system. The elevator operates between three fixed levels, with user-programmable intermediate levels.
  • Twenty six Wagner Biro over-stage, 5-line, custom bobbin hoists, each having 350kg capacity and capable of speeds up to 1.5m/s.
  • Three auditorium lighting hoists with integral cable management, each having 250kg capacity.
  • One proscenium lighting/loudspeaker hoist with integral cable management, having 650kg capacity.
  • Two refurbished side lighting bars, 4-line, double purchase, each having  600kg capacity.
  • Two refurbished side curtain bars, 3-line, each having 200kg capacity.
  • One refurbished proscenium general-purpose bar, 4-line, having a 200kg capacity.

Wagner Biro provided a SIL-3 certified, computerised control system featuring two control consoles, each with dual 19″ touch screens, four control levers, integrated dead-man, and emergency stop push button.

There are five control system operating positions – four on stage and one in the auditorium.

The control system is distributed to a heavily-populated winch room with individual control cabinets adjacent to the hoists and a control rack for the central equipment. Glantre also provided a mains power distribution cabinet to serve the hoists and the orchestra elevator.

Control for the proscenium hoists, auditorium hoist, and orchestra lift was provided by Soluções em Automação (SA) and is based around Siemens touchscreen technology.

Glantre project managed and installed the equipment. Commissioning was carried out by Glantre, Wagner Biro, and SA.

Glantre and Wagner Biro continue to support the project through regular servicing and equipment upgrades.

Main Contractor: Geoffrey Osborne Ltd

Architect: Ritchie Studio (Ian Ritchie Architects)

Consultant: Fisher Dachs Associates