Royal Academy of Music, London. 2017

Glantre is contracted to provide mechanical systems and SIL3 certified control systems for the refurbishment of the main auditorium at the Royal College of Music in London. The systems comprise:

  1. 29m2, 3m travel, 19 Ton capacity, orchestra elevator with Spiralift drive components; the elevator has three operating levels
  2. 25no, 5 line, 350kg capacity overstage hoists, capable of 1.5m/sec
  3. 4 No Side bars; 2 No lighting bars + 2 No side curtains; 600kg & 200kg load capacity respectively
  4. 3 No auditorium lighting bars; 150kg
  5. 1 No general purpose FOH hoist; 300kg
  6. 1 No FOH LX bar; 750kg
  7. SIL-3 certified computerised control system with 19″ touch screen control console with four control levers, integrated dead-man as well as an emergency push button.
  8. Individual hoist provided with portable single axis controller


Consultant: Fisher Dachs Associates


Contractor: Geoffrey Osborne Limited